Onyx | Commercial

Reducing Greenhouse Emissions across the US

Onyx helps reduce greenhouse gas emission arising from the supply and distribution of energy. It does this by providing on-site generated solar power to the commercial and industrial sectors, from public and private businesses including municipalities, universities, schools, hospitals, military housing, utilities and corporates.

SEEIT has acquired a 100% interest in four portfolios of commercial and industrial on-site solar and energy storage projects, as well as a 50% interest in the platform that has created them with a follow-on pipeline projected to exceed 500MW over the next 5 years. The 100% owned operational, construction and development projects provide over 175MW to the end user.

Onyx makes a meaningful impact to reduce the carbon footprint of commercial and industrial clients across the US, and achieves this by providing cheaper, cleaner and more reliable energy directly from the point of use.