St Barts’ CHP | Healthcare

Providing Essential Energy Services to England’s Oldest Hospital

The project provides electricity, heating, cooling and hot water to the hospital. The project is designed to be reliable and can be available up to 24 hours a day. The energy is generated by using a highly efficiency combined heat and power system, driven by a 1.4MW reciprocating engine and connected to the natural gas grid. The project is also integrated into the hospital’s emergency backup systems and runs in parallel to the electrical grid to ensure continuous energy supply to the hospital during maintenance periods.

The project was designed and financing arranged by SDCL and was delivered as an innovative PFI variation in partnership with Skanska, the facilities manager for the hospital. The project removed the cost and risk of the project for the client, which pays a service charge once the project is commissioned and operational. The project is now owned by SEEIT, which receives a regular service charge.

The project delivers substantial cost savings versus the electrical grid and the savings are used for reinvestment by the hospital into cancer care.

Hospitals are one of the largest and most consistent energy users and this project demonstrates how energy efficiency can deliver cheaper, cleaner and more reliable infrastructure solutions to a key infrastructure sector.