Vartan Gas | Industrial

Efficient Supply to the City of Stockholm

Vartan Gas provides an essential infrastructure service that helps to reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions by reducing and reusing waste gases both at the point of production, for example at municipal wastewater treatment plants and, at the point of use, through the displacement of natural gas in buildings and diesel in transport.

The current composition of the gas supplied through the network includes c.80% biogas. In time, SEEIT intends to work towards increasing the proportion of green gas in the network to 100% .

The gas network has a total grid length of c.540km, supported by a 200-tonne storage terminal at Högdalen with 100MW of regasification capacity, along with another 40-tonne reserve storage facility in Frihamnen. The grid is an essential component of an integrated system, aligned with national and regional strategies to attain carbon neutrality by 2040.

The project offers the opportunity for SEEIT to make an investment in an important infrastructure asset that helps with greenhouse gas emission reductions, with the opportunity to make it greener.